Shadow Fight 3
One of the most successful and popular fighting games on mobile devices. Realistic animations, incredible graphics, and a fascinating storyline give the game a steady stream of new players and the leading position in its genre.
Shadow Fight 3 is an online RPG fighting game that continues the story of the Shadow Fight universe
with new characters in 3D. Get ready for action, cool brawls with powerful opponents, and an exciting adventure that takes the players deeper into the world of shadow energy.

  • Mobile Fighting

  • M 18-35 (60%)

    Target audience
  • 1 000 000 000+

    Total downloads
  • 6 000 000+

    Monthly players
  • Services
    In-app gameplay integration
    Licensed products
    Loyalty activations
  • Territories
    Asia / APAC
  • Support
    In the case of any questions on Shadow Fight 3 Brand please contact us.
Plush Toys
Iconic game character "Shadow" has been turned into a collectible plush toy.
Alfa Card In-App Campaign
Unique event where players could get the new Alfa Aspect and Legendary Set for free after they receive the Alfa Bank card.
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