Is India the Next Major Market for Mobile Gaming and Marketing?

Kevin Bahler
PR Manager, Blog contributor
With over 1.4 billion people, India represents more than one sixth of the global population. The adoption rate of gaming has been surging in recent years, and recent forecasts see India as a new leading market for mobile gaming.

Let’s take a look at the current stats of gaming in India, predictions for the near future, and opportunities this opens for game developers and brand licensors.
The State of Gaming in India in 2023

According to the India Games Market Report published by Niko Partners, nearly a third of Indians play video games across all platforms (444 million people). What stands out among this group is that 96.8% of all gamers play on a smartphone or tablet. The dominance of mobile devices comes from the practical reason that low-cost smartphones are the easiest way to access the internet and gaming.

Indian Gamers Infographic. Courtesy of Niko Partners.
India’s economy has been growing, and higher rates of disposable income have translated into increased revenues for the gaming industry. Niko Partners estimated that 31% of Indian gamers will spend money on video games in 2023, with total annual revenues around $878 million.
Opportunities for Game Developers

Mobile gaming is already international due to the global nature of the internet, but specifically targeting India through marketing campaigns and promotions can help you break into this region.

First and foremost, focus on mobile games – they comprise nearly the entire market. The next consideration is what type of games Indians prefer, and the answer is a wide variety of competitive and casual games. The most popular games in India include many familiar titles like Candy Crush, Call of Duty, and PUBG Mobile.

Three posters for the mobile game Free Fire Battlegrounds featuring main characters
One interesting insight from Ketan ‘K18’ Patel is that “PUBG Mobile needs pretty expensive phones to compete at top-tier levels but Free Fire’s massive plus point is how low-end devices support the game exceedingly well too.” The extraordinary popularity of Garena’s Free Fire shows that making an app playable and enjoyable on any quality phone greatly expands the pool of potential players.
Opportunities for Brand Owners

Brands looking to enter the Indian market or expand their current reach should look toward mobile gaming for co-branding partnerships. These collaborations could include:

  • In-game events/challenges
  • Physical merchandise with co-branded packaging
  • Promo codes that can be redeemed for in-game items
  • In-game coupons for physical products or services
  • Unique/Legendary branded in-game items

There are endless creative possibilities when bridging the physical and digital worlds, so don’t be limited to only ideas that others have tried. Only novel ideas can be revolutionary.

Preparing for India’s Gaming Future

With strong indications for sustained growth in India’s gaming sector, the most important step for the present is getting prepared. Whether as a brand owner or a game designer, collaborative efforts are an effective strategy to break into the Indian market.

Brand owners interested in mobile game integration should work with an experienced licensing agency like Play Management Company. Their team matches your brand with popular games that have similar audiences. These targeted gamers have low acquisition cost and high lifetime value.

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