12 Exceptional Brand Integrations and Collaborations (2019 - 2023)

Top Brand Collaborations: From Fashion to Finance
Kevin Bahler
PR Manager, Blog contributor
Brand collaborations have taken the world by storm. These partnerships offer businesses the golden opportunity to share audiences, while generating buzz that captivates both the enthusiastic fan and the curious onlooker alike.

In this article, we’re highlighting some of the greatest brand integrations in recent years. Some of these were perfect blends, while others were truly out of this world, but all of them resonated deeply with their target audiences.
The North Face and Gucci collaborative clothing collection
Jaws dropped at the sight of this fashion fusion (The North Face x Gucci)
The collaboration between these two clothing giants saw the release of their chapter 2 collection in January 2022, and chapter 3 in the middle of the year. The unique logo – a fusion of the two brands’ names and color palettes – was a perfect representation of the collection as a whole. Every item embodied both the rugged endurance of The North Face and the kaleidoscopic wow factor of Gucci.

Travis Scott combo meal from McDonald’s
The Travis Scott meal shows what happens when two giants work in harmony
The 2020 Travis Scott meal was such a slam dunk that some McDonald's locations were running out of ingredients. The meal included Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and shredded lettuce, plus fries with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite with extra ice. Beyond that, a spectacular range of co-branded products included apparel, lunch boxes, cups, basket balls, and a Travis Scott action figure.

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Payments can be made with a physical card or the Apple Pay app
With Apple Pay, you can leave your Mastercard at home and just use your iPhone
Apple Pay is a way of life for countless people, and the Apple Card is an excellent partner, offering cash back for every purchase among other sweet rewards. The digital card was a brilliant move, allowing users to pay effortlessly with their iPhone or Apple Watch. Mastercard made a wise decision in partnering with Apple on this, as it has proven to be incredibly popular with Apple enthusiasts all over.

Hulu and spotify logos
Bundling Hulu for Spotify Premium subscribers was a great idea to create an entertainment ecosystem
Spotify has a propensity for brand partnerships and co-promotions, having previously collaborated with Uber and Starbucks in 2014 and 2015, respectively. One of their biggest announcements came in 2019 when they announced that Spotify Premium members could add the basic Hulu plan for no additional cost. They also released a discounted Spotify Premium Student bundle which also included Showtime services for registered students. Clearly Spotify has plans to be the go-to media center for people’s lives by offering music, playlists, podcasts, and now TV and movies all in one comprehensive package.

LEGO city playsets made in collaboration with NASA
LEGO and NASA playsets inspire creativity through construction and imagination
Another long-standing and beloved partnership, LEGO has consistently teamed with NASA since the 1990s. LEGO released four new LEGO City sets inspired by NASA’s Artemis program and NASA’s Moon to Mars plans in 2021, which included a Space Launch System rocket set and a Moon base. The fusion of fun and education is at the heart of this brand partnership, and everyone is better off because of it.

Battlefield collaboration with AXE
Battlefield 4 x AXE
EA proved that they understood their core audience when they teamed up with AXE to promote the release of Battlefield 4. The most memorable promotion was their CGI trailer that goes from war to romance in less than 30 seconds. Equally noteworthy was that players could pick up specially marked AXE products at Wal-Mart for a chance to win in-game content, various licensed merchandise, and a four-day trip to Gamescom in Germany. This collaboration of physical merch and in-game rewards made the campaign successful for everyone involved.
The Future of Brand Integrations
The fashion, food, and entertainment industries are always ready for new, intriguing partnerships. One exciting newcomer is the realm of mobile gaming, which has loyal players logging in daily and excited to take on new challenges.

Many top brands are beginning to work with brand licensing firms such as PlayMGT to find games with similar target audiences and collaborate on cross-promotional events.

Although the future is never perfectly predictable, it’s unquestionable that popular brand collaborations will be going strong for a while to come.

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